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Have you ever noticed how quickly we can adapt to our issues instead of fixing them?
Take your car for instance. The brakes start to go out. Instead of fixing the brakes, you allow yourself more room to slow down and are harder on the pedal. You might even move your seat forward so you don’t notice the difference in pressing the pedal down farther.
Or how about your own body. You twist your ankle. Instead of going to the doctor and getting it looked at, you limp to take your weight off of it. You find a cane to use, take pain medication.
In any situation, not only have you put it off, you’ve made it worse.

Spiritually, we see a problem cropping up, but instead of fixing it right away, we put it off. Maybe God asked you to do something and you’ve made excuses. Maybe you feel complacency setting in, or a seed of lust or jealousy keeps coming up in your life… What do you do? Are you ignoring the real issue?
The problem isn’t that you’re thinking of sex or that you feel anger towards another person. The problem is at the root of yourself. Maybe it was something that happened to you as a child or you lashing out because you’re stressed.

Whatever it is, don’t sweep it under the rug, you’re only making it worse in the long run. Bring it out in the open, be honest about it with yourself AND others.

Fix the issue now.
Don’t adapt to it.

About chroniclestudios

I live. I breath. I write. It's not my first of passions, but it certainly fuels my largest passions: God and Art. Being a 20-something photographer from Nashville, TN; it's easy to get used to your environment, living in a generalized world. But I prefer to pour a strong cup of coffee and relentlessly study each nuance life brings. Then I am more equipped to show it to you.

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