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Week Seven/Eight.

Total Weight Loss: 27lbs.

Hip ~ 45″ (-1″)
Abdomen/Belly ~ 45″ (+1″)
Waist ~ 36″ (-4″)
Bust ~ 41″ (-3″)
Upper Arm ~ 14.5″ (-.5″)
Thigh ~ 26″ (-2″)

Inches Lost Last for Week 7/8: (technically) -10.5″ + 1″ = 9.5″
Total Inches Lost: (Including above number) 18″ OR 28.5″

November 2nd — November 16th

As you have already figured out by the title of this entry, I didn’t write last week. SO much has been going on lately that the thought of having to get my camera and tripod out and take pictures of myself and then measure and so on and so forth… I would just rather not do it. I know, I know, in the beginning I said I would write EVERY week, so let me explain myself, as if you honestly care. 😉
Because I am now past the plateau I predicted, weight comes off more slowly from here on out, and it would probably be pointless to do an entire entry for a pound here and there… so I’ve decided to write one every TWO weeks instead.
Plus, with the frequency of entries, I’ve been feeling hesitant to write blogs that don’t concern weight loss and I don’t like that. This is a mere outlet, not a blog remodel.

Anywho, the past two weeks have been rather hard. I wore my tail out working out yesterday because of the gloriously awful weekend I foolishly allowed myself to have. I stayed at my sister, Mandy’s, house… and neglected to bring food that I could eat. I used what I could and went with it, but it ended up being a source of discouragement and frustration. I’m not saying I binged on cupcakes and pizza (well, at least not cupcakes) but there were very few wise choices happening.
Steady workouts in the past weeks have been scarce, but I did clean out my garage for three days straight and three days later I could clasp my hands and push them over my head to stretch and feel that bittersweet ache in my entire upper body. Ahhhh.

The results of the last two weeks are still very pleasing. It’s good to know that even when I flop I can pick myself back up again. Your encouragement helps me even more, I can’t tell you how many people have commented and it makes me feel ten times better knowing that I look different, even when I sometimes can’t see the difference myself.

Thank you, my dearest stalker, for being there!

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I live. I breath. I write. It's not my first of passions, but it certainly fuels my largest passions: God and Art. Being a 20-something photographer from Nashville, TN; it's easy to get used to your environment, living in a generalized world. But I prefer to pour a strong cup of coffee and relentlessly study each nuance life brings. Then I am more equipped to show it to you.

2 responses to “Week Seven/Eight.

  1. James ⋅

    oooo! You’re two pounds away from going under 200 pounds. That’s gotta be pretty exciting!

    Keep going. 🙂

    I seriously need to start working out again. Kicking yourself in the butt enough to do it is harder than it sounds.

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