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Week Twenty/Twenty-One.

Total Weight Lost: 39lbs

Hip: 43.5″ (-.5″)
Abdomen/Belly: 37.5″ (-1.5″)
Waist: 33″ (+.5″)
Bust: 38″ (+.5″)
Upper Arm: 13.5″
Thigh: 25″ (-.5″)

Inches Lost This Week(s): 1.5″
Total Inches Lost: 35″

February 1st — February 15th

So here we are again. =)
I think more than noticing myself, others are noticing the changes I’m going through. I’m not sure which is more encouraging, really.
I’ve been a little down lately about weight loss and trudging through the ruts of junk food. But I know that God is watching out for me. It sounds so odd to say that God is helping me lose weight, but I find it’s exactly true. Not only does God know how much happier life will be for me when I reach my goal, but through all of this he is teaching me life lessons. Lessons like perseverance and patience, strength and commitment, and most of all: Discipline. I’ve learned more about myself spiritually through this health journey than I think of in a five minute period. I know God also honors those who respect their temple enough not to defile it with foods he never meant for us to eat. We think that verse in the bible only refers to drinking, drugs, piercings, and tattoos. Wrong. We can use most anything to defile the temple of our bodies. Food is, and always will be, spiritual.
So with that said… This past Sunday I received a blessing from God. A dear friend gifted me with the money to buy the ankle and wrist weights I have been wanting to purchase. I teared up when I read the note they wrote to me. It’s means much more than someone caring about my journey enough to help out (which would be more than enough in itself). It means God knows my journey and sees to my needs getting filled. It makes me feel so loved and encouraged to have the support of those around me and the support of God joining together in my life.

About chroniclestudios

I live. I breath. I write. It's not my first of passions, but it certainly fuels my largest passions: God and Art. Being a 20-something photographer from Nashville, TN; it's easy to get used to your environment, living in a generalized world. But I prefer to pour a strong cup of coffee and relentlessly study each nuance life brings. Then I am more equipped to show it to you.

4 responses to “Week Twenty/Twenty-One.

  1. Good for you! I hope the rest of your journey goes well 🙂


  2. Jim Sullivan ⋅

    Awesome news and awesome attitude. I take that temple of the H.G. seriously, as well. I speak to any disease, bad thoughts, imperfections in any way that presumes to assail me. They can’t live in my temple without God’s approval. Then the discipline has to kick in!

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