Branching Out.

A time comes in everyone’s life when they must branch out.

My time has come to branch out from the social networking nightmares of Facebook and Myspace blogging to an actual spot to call my home. That is here. =)

I’ve been thinking about legacies lately. About what I’m going to leave behind when I go. I’ve been thinking about archiving my thoughts and past blogs… which I started digitally at the age of sixteen.

All of the things I’ve learned down through the years, all the work I’ve put into getting my thoughts out in the open, and in a few clicks of a mouse it could all disappear. That thought scares me to death.

So in putting my thoughts down where they matter, and hopefully reaching people who are moved, entertained, or downright angry at the things I may or may not write…I’ve decided to start archiving my legacy. My legacy is in my writing among other things. And through this website, I will continue on into an electronic segway to reaching people.

For you who are tuning in, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you reading my legacy. I also very much appreciate you telling me you are tuning in. Even if you have nothing to add or contradict (which I highly encourage you to do), it’s good to know that you just read it and understood it.

Thanks! =)