Week Fifty-Two.

Starting Weight: 228lbs
Weight Week Fifty-two: 171lbs
Total Weight Lost: 57lbs

Current Measurements:
Hip: 40.5″
Abdomen/Belly: 38″
Waist: 32.5″
Bust: 39″
Upper Arm: 12″
Thigh: 23.5

Total Inches Lost: 40″

September 21, 2010—September 21, 2011

Holy Toledo, Batman! It’s been a year!

Can you believe it!? I can’t half believe it myself.
I used to look at testimonies of other people’s weight loss and cringe at the thought that it took them years to accomplish their goal. Now that it’s been a year for me, I can see how fast a year flies by. It actually slipped up on me. I had just laid down to go to sleep and was thinking about my weight loss and it dawned on me that I started it in the end of September and it’s the end of September now! I got up the next morning and checked the dates only to find that the next day marked a year. Of course that warrants a blog post, right?

All of that said, I must apologize for never having offered you an explanation as to why I stopped writing posts about six months ago. I can assure you that I did try multiple times to post one and just never finished it and soon forgot about it. So yeah, laziness. But I can also assure you that I didn’t once fail to do what I set out to do.
Sure, there were times of doubt when I felt myself being dragged by the heels into the mouth of the sweet tooth monster, but it was never long before I picked myself up, dusted the crumbs off my shirt, and started on my merry way again.

This being a mile stone for me, I wanted to share with you what I feel is on the road ahead for me when it comes to health.

I was reading my first post yesterday, This Is It, where I had spoken of some things I wanted my more fit self to be able to do, and then realized that some of those goals have been reached and some have not. One in particular talked of going on a hike, toting my own gear in a backpack.
This was a big dream at the time. In the back of my mind rested the thought of going on the big daddy of all hikes: A thru-hike of  The Appalachian Trail. It was so unobtainable and so ridiculous of a goal that I often put it away as something I will never be able to do. Over the past year, along with my brother who has also lost 50 some odd pounds, we began picking up the pieces of our hiking dreams again.
I know what you’re thinking, “THE  A.T.!? You’re insane.” And yes, you might be right. We are not being naive about this. We know how insane of a goal this is, but what the last year has brought us is a confidence that we can actually do this. Can we do it tomorrow? Heck no. THAT’S insane. Can we set realistic goals and plan until we’re brain dead and do this in the next couple of years? Absolutely.
It requires relentless amounts of training and planning and training and planning and training and planning…. but having seen what we can set our minds to and accomplish in a year has showed us how truly obtainable this goal is. The next problem is freeing up the 6 months required to do it in. 😉

Which brings me to my next point for the future.
Exercise regimen!  If you know me personally, or have read my past posts, you know that finding my exercising niche has been the toughest part for me. To start off the next year of health betterment, and preparing myself for the training I will need for the A.T. … I will be doing something I didn’t think I would ever want to do. P90X.
My other brother has been doing this on and off for about a year as well, and I’ve even done a few of the videos with him. I used to think that I could never do the entire workout regimen of 90 days and pull it off, but once again, my confidence levels for my entire life have been given a huge boost and I can look at it and realistically know that I could, in fact, pull it off.
This is not an easy goal, but I think it’s necessary for the level of fitness I need to achieve for the A.T.. And now that I’m 50 something pounds lighter, my body can handle the stress a whole lot better.
You’d better believe when this starts I will be blogging more results posts. I promise. =)
Looking back a year ago, if you had told me that in a year I would have these ridiculous goals in my head, I would’ve laughed in your face. My image of ‘what I wanted’ was just to be more healthy. When people would ask me what my weight loss goal was or what size clothes I wanted to wear, I didn’t have an answer. I could only say that I would know when I got there.
Bottom line is: I am still not there yet.  I have never had it in my head to look like a supermodel, or never wanted to have bulging muscles, because frankly, I think both of those images are extremely disgusting.

Now, I have a clearer image in my head of what I want out of my health. It was never what I wanted to look like, but what I wanted to accomplish with having a healthier lifestyle.
I don’t know exactly what the future holds for me, but I know that whenever I think of all that is possible for me now, I get the most relentless fire-breathing dragons flapping around in my stomach.

God has undoubtedly helped me through all of this last year, and I know that he will continue to help me reach these goals I have laid before him. That’s another post I have planned to write though. 😉

Thanks for reading and for being such a huge support for me. I love you all!

Week Two.

Total Weight Loss: 15lbs

September 28th — October 5th

Two weeks. It feels like a lot longer than that, but it is what it is.

My body is finally finding a routine with the medication:
– Wake up around 9am and take pill (Unemployed, much?)
– Eat breakfast by 10am (Pill has to sit on empty stomach for an hour)
– Lunch anywhere from 12-1pm (Never been an early luncher)
– Snack at 3pm
– Dinner at roughly 6pm
– Small snack at 8-9pm

Okay, so it’s not the greatest of schedules. For now it works because it is a routine, however flawed it may seem. As soon as I get a job it will undoubtedly change, but I see no use in getting up way early when I have no real reason to.

Exercise happens anywhere between waking up and going to sleep. I now have two Wii games that kick my butt in the cardio category. One is ‘Just Dance’, an extremely fun dancing game with catchy music and dance moves. The second is ‘Gold’s Gym Dance Workout’. It’s a bit more challenging. It behaves more like a workout with warm-ups and cool-downs (Very few actual songs, I might add =/), but the dances deal mostly in latin rhythm… Which I am finding does not come naturally for a pasty white kid like me. =D It will be more fun once I can get the fast-paced footwork down of Samba, Salsa, and Meringue. Until then, I’ll look like a complete goober in front of all who enter the living room.
After my body becomes conditioned to the moves, I plan on buying wrist and ankle weights to dance it for added resistance and muscle building. Cardio needs to be the main workout for now to help get rid of the extra fat. After it’s gone, I will start to build more muscle with weight training and such.

The only difference in medication would be that this past week I started taking a whole pill of the weight loss supplement, and a water pill (Doc tells me I naturally hold more fluid than others). I did find out the hard way that I shouldn’t take the water pill everyday. After taking it for three days straight, on Thursday I quite near passed out because it had been washing all of the nutrients I needed out of my body. So now I take it every other day, unless I happen to be busy that day and don’t want to run to the bathroom a lot. 😉
I also have experienced cold sweats to a maximum annoyance this past week. My skin would be cold and clammy, but is covered in a thin layer of sweat that will not stop coming. Embarrassing, sure, but thankfully it hasn’t happened in the last couple of days. (I think the excessive water pill dosage had something to do with it too)

Anywho, thanks for supporting me and reading this! I’ll try not to make the next ones as long, but in the beginning things change a lot, so there’s my excuse!