It’s Foolishness, I Know.

You were sitting next to me at our wedding reception.
The band was playing, people tapped their feet and joyfully conversed.
You leaned towards me and smiled.
“I feel like dancing.” I whispered.
“Me too.” a smirk in return. “You ready?”
Seriously? my expression asked.
Of course. Your eyes sparkled in confirmation.
Rising to your feet, you offered me a strong hand.
“We aren’t allowed, are we?” I said nervously.
“We didn’t plan it. We can’t control what we haven’t planned.” you teased, raising an eyebrow.
Strong hands pulled me into awaiting arms.
You led me calmly to the center of the room.
Suddenly you broke out into a tap dance, a silly grin crawling across your face.
I followed with meringue, swinging hips and puckering lips.
The Twist. The Sprinkler. The Copy Machine.
Every white man’s dance was covered.
People started watching and laughing. Shock grew into hilarity.
The wedding party joined in.
The crowd joined in.

Dancing. Some call it foolishness.
Life. Some take it too seriously.
How can there be life without dancing?
How can there be seriousness without foolishness?

We didn’t plan it.
We can’t control what we haven’t planned.

Incandescently Happy.

That pretty much describes me as of right now. =)

Things aren’t perfect, no. But they are as they are supposed to be. I can’t help but be encouraged even as things around me are discouraging.

Part of this can be attributed to my just finishing for the first time Jane Austen’s most famous novel: Pride and Prejudice. It’s quite easily one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read. I prayed to God today: “One day I know I will find the Mr. Darcy you have planned for me, God. Even if I have to face pride and prejudice head on. I’m willing.”

It sounds foolish, but in context, I am perfectly serious. I believe fully that God will grant me that. He told us he would give us the desires of our heart, but in that we should be so in love and in tune with God that our desires for our lives become his desires for our lives.
I sincerely pray that my desires be in tune with his and hope that one day his desire is for me to have my Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Is it immature to think so? Then so be it. =)

On another note though, I have received the absolute delight of inviting a most beloved friend from school to go to a bible study with me, and she’s coming! Words cannot express how happy I am about it! God’s doing a work! And I’m excited to be a part of it! =D