Save Lie To Me* Project.

I participated in this video project in hopes of keeping Lie To Me* on the air.
You can catch me at 1:12. =)

If you’ve never watched the show, you are completely missing out.
I would be confident in saying that it is the most unique and refreshing crime drama on television right now.
The characters are intriguing, a few of them downright hilarious, and all of them mysterious.
Every episode leaves you wanting more.

Wanna help it reach it’s fourth season? Of course you do!

Help spread the word of this video. Get the views up for FOX to see how much we need Lie To Me*

–Share links to the youtube video and the official video project site.
–Watch free streaming episodes on Hulu.
–Visit the Lie To Me* page on FOX and join the forum.

Thanks for your help!


A story about a guy named Leslie.
He’s caught up in a world of lies. He’s been lied to his whole life.
So he lies to get ahead in life. And He lies to get out of life.
He lies to everyone around him. And he lies to himself.
What will it take to free him from the lies? To free him from himself?

— — —

I think God has allowed me to catch on to something here. In a previous post I told you about the title of the next book I’m going to write, entitled: “Broke”, using a play on words about a girl named Brooke.
This one popped in my head today, As I was doing exactly the same thing I was doing when the last one came to me… I was sitting in church listening to a sermon.
I’m convinced that this is going to be a series of books that can be used to be enjoyed by and to help young people. They’re spiritual, yet not in a traditional way. I really want these books to make people think and help them with issues I know they’ve all faced… The same issues I’ve faced and continue to face.