Week Fifteen/Sixteen.

Total Weight Lost: 35lbs

December 28th — January 11th

Biggest news: I have completely stopped taking phentermine.
I gave the remaining medication to someone who’s already been taking it. I feel great. You really don’t understand how much it affects you until you’ve been on it and then went off it. I described most of it in the last health post, but it’s so much more than that. I feel like myself again… and I’m proud that the weight I lose now is by my own hard work and not the work of a pill.
As you have noticed (or not) I didn’t list measurements this week. I do apologize. Time and a misplacement of my tape measure force me to give up. Next time I promise to have found it. =)
I lost my holiday weight plus one pound and that is quite a victory for me. A reassurance that I CAN do this without a crutch.
I’ve been exercising more than usual and sticking to the rules as much as possible, but because of snow and being out of gas and work… I’ve been stuck at home a lot. It doesn’t feel like I’ve done anything productive in the last couple of weeks, and that messes a lot with my motivation.
We’re still fighting it!

Week Thirteen/Fourteen.

December 14th — December 28th

Sorry, no bells and whistles this time around, guys.
Couple of days late already, and I really just wanted to write, with it being the end of the year and all, about what I’ve learned so far.
It’s been a crazy wonderful couple of weeks. Christmas came in a wonderland of snow and stress and left with lovely chocolate turtles and exhaustingly fun family time. I know what you’re thinking… “She flopped.”
And you could be right. 😉
I am so thankful for the boost phentermine has given me to get back into action with my health, It has helped open my mind and gotten me to start seriously considering what I’m doing with my life. For that, I am grateful.
Here’s the deal… I haven’t taken phentermine for over a week. Why? I don’t know… I just haven’t felt like taking it. I still have the month’s supply to finish out, but I’m pretty over it right now. I know now what it’s going to be like without the medicine as a crutch, and let me tell ya, it’s hard. What an epiphany, right? Who knew that weight loss required so much dedication? Haha. Totally joking, folks. I promise.
This little rebellion against putting chemicals in my body has shown me what it’s going to take and that I can say ‘no’ to the wrong foods without the help of an appetite suppressant. Yes, I do grow hungry more often and have to swallow back carb cravings more often… BUT… I’m not sweating out of every shirt I put on and I don’t have extreme, constant dry mouth. I also don’t have amplified emotions that cause me to snap and get irritable very easily. I’d say, on the whole, I’m pretty sure I’m done taking phentermine.

With all of that said, I gained one pound over Christmas. Darn those left-overs. That’s what got me. Why can’t people take the desserts they brought to our dinner home with them? Haha.

And tomorrow is New Years Eve… More parties! But I’m getting back on track now. I’ve learned how crummy it makes you feel to be lazy and to eat junk food constantly. I ate a delicious and perfectly healthy meal on Sunday and I immediately felt a change in my attitude, it made me want to go home and exercise… No joke! It amazes me how my mind and body reacts in such a positive way when I treat them with respect.

So here’s to the beginning of a new year, a year filled with health and happiness. This Is It!

Thanks for reading!

(P.S. This isn’t my New Years blog… That one is coming soon. :))

Week Eleven/Twelve.

Total Weight Lost: 34lbs

Hip: 46″
Abdomen/Belly: 45″
Waist: 36″
Bust: 41″ (-1″)
Upper Arm: 14″
Thigh: 26″

Inches Lost This Week: 1″
Total Inches Lost: 17.5″ OR 30″

November 30th — December 14th

Considering the past two weeks I’ve had, I am very pleased with these results.
Carb intake has probably exceeded the limit more than once and exercise has been quite scarce. But I’m still maintaining the thought process.
Stress levels are at an all-time high this month and so it’s throwing my entire body off. Less than two weeks ’til Christmas, and then I’ll be able to relax a little. I’ve been put in charge of an entire Christmas service at church and it’s completely ravaging my brain.

Anywho, I’m not really in the mood to type ten thousand words, so this entry is going to end now.
Next time you hear results will be after Christmas… wish me luck! And you can think of me when you’re eating sugar cookies and drinking sweet tea.

Thanks for reading, m’dears!

Week Nine/Ten

Total Weight Loss: 29lbs

Hip ~ 46″ (+1″)
Abdomen/Belly ~ 45″
Waist ~ 36″
Bust ~ 42″ (+1″)
Upper Arm ~ 14″ (-.5″)
Thigh ~ 26″

Inches Lost for Week 9/10: (technically) -.5″ + 2″ = +1.5″
Total Inches Lost: (Including above number) 16.5″ OR 29″

November 16th — November 30th

Celebratory moment: I’m under 200lbs!!!!!!
It feels amazing to say that again. I never thought I would’ve gotten so far past 200 that I’d be happy about just being under it, but life happens. We spiral down and down until we hit rock bottom and decide to start climbing again.
I have acquired the new Just Dance 2 game for Wii and it is awesome! The routines are much more demanding and within a few hours after playing it the first time my thigh muscles felt like they could deteriorate at any moment. Good sign! Hah.
With that said, I have done horrible these past two weeks. Namely, Thanksgiving. The leftovers from Thanksgiving have been the bane of my existence too. Being tight on money doesn’t help either. I’m not exactly mad or upset about it, I’m just rather hard on myself at times. Okay, okay… I’m my own worse critic. Always.
I have also been without my medication since the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I had the chance to get more before the holiday and had planned on it. One small problem: Money. I said last time that I wouldn’t let myself run out again, but not being on it has showed me some valuable information.
The only difference I feel in my body when I don’t have it coursing through my veins is that my hunger pains come back. I’ve found myself craving sweets more than ever as well (Though that’s most likely because of the spoiling of my diet on sweets for the last week). I’ve felt not decrease in energy or side effects from quitting cold turkey. I’ve honestly come to the conclusion that, like any other supplement that can cause drowsiness or increased energy, it has the reverse effect on me. If I don’t do anything slightly active when I take it in the morning, I am content to sleep half the day and lay around watching movies without feeling jittery. So yeah. Saying all of that gets me to my next point.
I’m growing more and more wary of taking medication to lose weight. I know it’s helping me and that it’s not forever. I hate praising it like it was the only way out of my predicament and it’s doing all of the work. The act of losing weight is as much mental as it is physical. I’ve felt so many changes in the way I think about food and nutrition since I’ve started this. The physical part can only happen once my brain is committed and
I am very committed at this point. Being off the meds for this amount of time has showed me that I can do this without taking a pill.
Granted, I’ve decided to continue taking it for another month. If at the end of the month I and still not ready to get off, I will continue on, but I would really like to go off of it then. While I am much more committed to this lifestyle than I was when I first started, I still find myself defaulting to eating the way I used to and giving into cravings when I’m not on the pill. My first instinct is still junk food, because it’s convenient and fast. I’m burning out on the stuff I’ve been eating at an alarming rate and I have to get more creative with it if I am to continue.

Don’t worry about me though, I’m still plenty ready to finish this once and for all. We’re still fighting it!
Thanks for reading, love.

Week Seven/Eight.

Total Weight Loss: 27lbs.

Hip ~ 45″ (-1″)
Abdomen/Belly ~ 45″ (+1″)
Waist ~ 36″ (-4″)
Bust ~ 41″ (-3″)
Upper Arm ~ 14.5″ (-.5″)
Thigh ~ 26″ (-2″)

Inches Lost Last for Week 7/8: (technically) -10.5″ + 1″ = 9.5″
Total Inches Lost: (Including above number) 18″ OR 28.5″

November 2nd — November 16th

As you have already figured out by the title of this entry, I didn’t write last week. SO much has been going on lately that the thought of having to get my camera and tripod out and take pictures of myself and then measure and so on and so forth… I would just rather not do it. I know, I know, in the beginning I said I would write EVERY week, so let me explain myself, as if you honestly care. 😉
Because I am now past the plateau I predicted, weight comes off more slowly from here on out, and it would probably be pointless to do an entire entry for a pound here and there… so I’ve decided to write one every TWO weeks instead.
Plus, with the frequency of entries, I’ve been feeling hesitant to write blogs that don’t concern weight loss and I don’t like that. This is a mere outlet, not a blog remodel.

Anywho, the past two weeks have been rather hard. I wore my tail out working out yesterday because of the gloriously awful weekend I foolishly allowed myself to have. I stayed at my sister, Mandy’s, house… and neglected to bring food that I could eat. I used what I could and went with it, but it ended up being a source of discouragement and frustration. I’m not saying I binged on cupcakes and pizza (well, at least not cupcakes) but there were very few wise choices happening.
Steady workouts in the past weeks have been scarce, but I did clean out my garage for three days straight and three days later I could clasp my hands and push them over my head to stretch and feel that bittersweet ache in my entire upper body. Ahhhh.

The results of the last two weeks are still very pleasing. It’s good to know that even when I flop I can pick myself back up again. Your encouragement helps me even more, I can’t tell you how many people have commented and it makes me feel ten times better knowing that I look different, even when I sometimes can’t see the difference myself.

Thank you, my dearest stalker, for being there!

Week Five.

Total weight lost: 17lbs

Hip ~ 46″ (-2.5″)
Abdomen/Belly ~ 46″ (+2)
Waist ~ 40″
Bust ~ 35″ (-9)
Upper Arm ~ 16″
Thigh ~ 28.5″

Inches lost this week: (technically: 11.5″ + 2″ = -9.5″) 11.5″
Total inches lost: (including above number) 14″ OR 16″

October 19th — October 26th

Whew. This week has been a whirlwind. I ran out of pills on Sunday, the doc’s office is closed Monday, and then got them too late on Tuesday to take one. (better believe I ain’t doing that again) The former part of the week was much more scheduled, and I exercised more, but as you can see I didn’t lose any pounds, instead I gained one.
Not sweatin’ it, because I did lose 9.5 inches which is pretty awesome. I gained inches in my belly, but I think that might’ve been due to bloating with water weight (didn’t take a water pill for a few days). I lost nine inches in my bust, which I can assure you that I have noticed. Haha. I told my mom before I measured that I was definitely smaller in that area and she kept saying how maybe it looked that way because the rest of me was getting smaller too. Um no, the numbers don’t lie. =D

When I went to the doctor yesterday for my one month check-in, they weighed and all that good stuff… If you remember from my first week, their scales weighed me at 222. Yesterday they weighed me at about 207. Which is 15 pounds lost. So my scales aren’t too far off.

Getting back on track after a flop like not taking a pill for two days isn’t my idea of fun, but it has to be done. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading, m’dears. =)

Week Four.

Total Weight Lost: 18lbs

Hip – 48″ (-1.5″)
Abdomen/Belly – 44″ (-1″)
Waist – 40″
Bust – 44″ (-1″)
Upper Arm – 16″ (-.5″)
Thigh – 28.5″ (-.5″)

Inches Lost This Week = 4.5″
Total Inches Lost = 4.5″

October 12th – October 19th

A relatively ordinary week. I am very excited about the pounds and inches lost this week, especially since last week was a bit of a flop. Because I have not measured inches up until last week, It’s impossible to tell what inches I might’ve lost back then. So, I’m just going to go on what I’ve got so far.
Anywho, I did go over my carb limit a tad two days this week… but I also exercised more. Balance is key!
Thanks for stopping by and checking in!

Week Three.

Total Weight Lost: 15lbs

Hip – 50″
Abdomen/Belly – 45″
Waist – 40″
Bust – 45″
Upper Arm – 16.5″
Thigh – 29″

October 5th — October 12th

Didn’t lose any weight this week… Not really concerned about it though.
I know it’s because I need to exercise more, and because my plateau is coming up.
I also have found a great help and mentor in a friend of mine who has been on Phentermine before and knows exactly what to expect. She also allows me to blab her ear off about it. Thanks, Renee! =)
Upon her advice, I will now start listing my measurements as well. As the pounds come off, they don’t always come off in big numbers as they have thus far. Sometimes I won’t see a change in weight, but I might lose a lot of inches elsewhere.
Anywho, Things are going well otherwise. For a couple of days I was doing good just to stay under my carb limit. It’s not easy with family cookouts, road trips, and going out to eat after church, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t go over. I’ve been sick since last Wednesday with an array of ailments, now concluding with sinus stuff and crick in my neck and shoulders from sleeping wrong. I am ready to feel good again. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Week Two.

Total Weight Loss: 15lbs

September 28th — October 5th

Two weeks. It feels like a lot longer than that, but it is what it is.

My body is finally finding a routine with the medication:
– Wake up around 9am and take pill (Unemployed, much?)
– Eat breakfast by 10am (Pill has to sit on empty stomach for an hour)
– Lunch anywhere from 12-1pm (Never been an early luncher)
– Snack at 3pm
– Dinner at roughly 6pm
– Small snack at 8-9pm

Okay, so it’s not the greatest of schedules. For now it works because it is a routine, however flawed it may seem. As soon as I get a job it will undoubtedly change, but I see no use in getting up way early when I have no real reason to.

Exercise happens anywhere between waking up and going to sleep. I now have two Wii games that kick my butt in the cardio category. One is ‘Just Dance’, an extremely fun dancing game with catchy music and dance moves. The second is ‘Gold’s Gym Dance Workout’. It’s a bit more challenging. It behaves more like a workout with warm-ups and cool-downs (Very few actual songs, I might add =/), but the dances deal mostly in latin rhythm… Which I am finding does not come naturally for a pasty white kid like me. =D It will be more fun once I can get the fast-paced footwork down of Samba, Salsa, and Meringue. Until then, I’ll look like a complete goober in front of all who enter the living room.
After my body becomes conditioned to the moves, I plan on buying wrist and ankle weights to dance it for added resistance and muscle building. Cardio needs to be the main workout for now to help get rid of the extra fat. After it’s gone, I will start to build more muscle with weight training and such.

The only difference in medication would be that this past week I started taking a whole pill of the weight loss supplement, and a water pill (Doc tells me I naturally hold more fluid than others). I did find out the hard way that I shouldn’t take the water pill everyday. After taking it for three days straight, on Thursday I quite near passed out because it had been washing all of the nutrients I needed out of my body. So now I take it every other day, unless I happen to be busy that day and don’t want to run to the bathroom a lot. 😉
I also have experienced cold sweats to a maximum annoyance this past week. My skin would be cold and clammy, but is covered in a thin layer of sweat that will not stop coming. Embarrassing, sure, but thankfully it hasn’t happened in the last couple of days. (I think the excessive water pill dosage had something to do with it too)

Anywho, thanks for supporting me and reading this! I’ll try not to make the next ones as long, but in the beginning things change a lot, so there’s my excuse!

Week One.

September 21st — September 28th

I’ve decided that there is no shame in bettering yourself, and with that I will let you in on my actual weight. It will no longer be my weight for the rest of my life, so why should I hide it?
My weight loss this week does seem a tad drastic, I know. My doctor weighed me differently, but because they only weigh me and check my stats once a month, I am using my scale at home. It’s a brand new “The Biggest Loser” scale that also measures water weight, BMI, and a bunch of other stuff. The doctor’s scale weighed me at 222lbs, just for a reference, but the numbers I will put up here are solely from my scale at home.

This past week has been extremely trying. I’ve stuck by the diet, as you can see with the results. I normally drop the first twenty very quickly and then hit the plateau, so after the first twenty is when I will see if the medicine will truly do what it says. I’m not going to expect this much weight loss every week because of that reason, though I am extremely happy with these results.
My body is still wrestling with the medication. In the past week I have experienced a quickened pulse, upset stomach, irritability and overstimulation, dry mouth, and maybe a little anxiety/jitteriness. It sounds pretty bad, but none of these make me feels like I should stop. It was kind of weird, because each day seemed to offer a new side effect… I think my body is just testing it out and I am hoping it will become less and less of an annoyance.
I have been taking only a half pill, but this morning I took a whole, so either the side effects will get worse, or they’ll get better. We’ll see!
The good part is that I have felt a change in my eating habits. I am very optimistic that this nutrition plan will be something I can do for the rest of my life.
Exercise this past week has been very hard to do. I don’t have a car and am stuck at home with my nephew whom I babysit during the week. So, even walking down the street becomes something that is hard to do without a stroller or anything. I know in the next weeks my chances to exercise will be greater, as I will no longer have to babysit and my car will be fixed.

Thanks for reading and thanks for caring! Most of all, Thank you for your part in holding me accountable. =)