Truth Goggles.

God has a wonderful way of speaking to me when he speaks through me to someone else.

It’s weird hearing truth come out of your own mouth sometimes.
It’s like, ‘Woah… Where did that come from? I really needed to hear that.’

— — —

Maybe it’s because we’re so tangled in our own situations that our inward truth goggles get fogged. But when someone else comes along with a similar problem, we see clearly through our outward truth goggles by the spirit to offer a helping hand.
Then by doing so, the fog is lifted from our inward goggles and we receive truth as it were a third party speaking into us.
Only instead of receiving advice from a person, we receive it directly from God.

Consider this the next time you feel the nudge of the holy spirit to reach out with a bit of counsel. God might just be trying to speak to you as well.