It’s Foolishness, I Know.

You were sitting next to me at our wedding reception.
The band was playing, people tapped their feet and joyfully conversed.
You leaned towards me and smiled.
“I feel like dancing.” I whispered.
“Me too.” a smirk in return. “You ready?”
Seriously? my expression asked.
Of course. Your eyes sparkled in confirmation.
Rising to your feet, you offered me a strong hand.
“We aren’t allowed, are we?” I said nervously.
“We didn’t plan it. We can’t control what we haven’t planned.” you teased, raising an eyebrow.
Strong hands pulled me into awaiting arms.
You led me calmly to the center of the room.
Suddenly you broke out into a tap dance, a silly grin crawling across your face.
I followed with meringue, swinging hips and puckering lips.
The Twist. The Sprinkler. The Copy Machine.
Every white man’s dance was covered.
People started watching and laughing. Shock grew into hilarity.
The wedding party joined in.
The crowd joined in.

Dancing. Some call it foolishness.
Life. Some take it too seriously.
How can there be life without dancing?
How can there be seriousness without foolishness?

We didn’t plan it.
We can’t control what we haven’t planned.

Purpose to Nonsensicality.

Have you ever purposely done something foolish or embarrassing in front of someone just to make them laugh? I’m not talking about trying to be liked or to be the center of attention. I’m talking about acting ridiculous for the sole purpose of seeing them smile.
You’re so addicted to their smile, brought so alive by seeing that you make them smile, that you would go as far as to make a fool out of yourself if it meant seeing them smile once more… And it matters not that you are the butt of the joke.

Is it worth it?
You might feel the full brunt of your stupidity later, but in the moment it’s all you can think to do.
I mean, who knows if you’ll ever see that smile again?
Who knows if the next time you do something stupid they will even laugh?

So dance along the line of desperation at seeing the light in their eyes, their beautiful smile, their ever-growing crows feet and laugh lines, and most of all the sound of joyful laughter escaping their mouth.

Yes, it’s totally worth it.